Story origin

A small sequence based on Homer’s Iliad. Used in the unit tests etc. of Xapagy.

English text

With several variations, the story follows Homer, in his hometown of Smyrna, narrating the story duels of Hector and Patrocles (where Hector kills Patrocles), followed by the duel between Hector and Achilles (where Achilles kills Hector).

Xapi translation

The following text is an example of the story in Xapi L2.

A scene 'Smyrna' / exists.
A man 'Homer' / exists.
A scene 'Troy' / exists.
'Homer' / says in 'Troy'// A man 'Hector'/ exists.
$..// A man 'Achilles'/ exists.
$..// 'Achilles'/ hits / 'Hector'.
$..// 'Hector'/ strikes / 'Achilles'.
$..// 'Hector'/ kicks / 'Achilles'.
$..// 'Achilles'/ cuts / 'Hector'.