Instrumentality is the situation where an agent uses an external entity as an instrument to accomplish an action. This is a very important component of many conscious actions involving humans. Linguistically, instrumentality is shown in English using a prepositional object:

Achilles cuts Hector with the sword.

The challenge in translating this to Xapi is that this is clearly a single action, which, however, involves three entities which can not be fit into a single VI:

In Xapagy instrumentality is represented by an S-V-O VI using the verb |vm_Uses| with the subject being the agent which uses the instrument and the object being the instrument used. This verb is often part of a coincidence group which describes the complex action:

"Achilles" / cuts / "Hector".
 "Achilles" / thus uses / the sword.

The resulting focus VIs are shown in the figure below.