Most noun phrases are centered in Xapagy around a single instance. However, there are cases where the Xapi representation is counter-intuitive, as the specification provided by the modifier phrase takes place in a different scene:

The apple which was picked by John yesterday is red.

Commonsense interpretation would posit the existence of a single apple. In Xapagy, however, we are talking about two scenes: one of them the present reality, while the other the scene of yesterday. As every instance is member of a single scene, the implication is that we have two instances of the apple, connected with an identity relation:

$NewSceneOnly #current, none, apple 
$NewSceneCurrent #yesterday, none, 
 apple-> apple, "John"
Scene #yesterday / is-past-of / scene #current.
Scene #yesterday / is-yesterday-of / 
 scene "current".
John / picks / the apple.
Scene #current / is-current-scene.
The apple / is-a / red.

The resulting instance structure in the focus is shown in following figure: