Human language frequently deploys constructs which show that an agent attempts to achieve a certain state of the world. Naturally, such story snippets must describe the given state of the world. Let us consider an example:

George tries to put a cat in the box.

The challenge in translating this statement to Xapi is that we need to describe a situation where the cat is in the box, which, however, is not necessarily true. The Xapagy model requires two scenes and two instances of the cat and the box to represent this. The following snippet implements this:

$NewSceneCurrent #Reality, none, man "John", 
   cat, box
$NewScene #Attempt, fictional-future, 
   man "John" -> man "John", 
   cat -> cat, box -> box
"John" / tries in #Attempt // 
    "John" / achieves.
"John" / tries in #Attempt // 
    The cat / thus is-inside / the box.

The resulting focus instances can be seen in the figure below: ComplexPhrases-301-FI