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Tabbed console in Windows XP

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Guess what, I can finally do the same thing in Windows XP what I could do in KDE for about five years: namely have a tabbed command line. Which means that I can log in to multiple remote hosts and I don’t need to clutter my desktop with 100 open CMD terminals, which by the way, have the wonderful property that they show up exactly identical on the task list. And they also change their order in the Ctrl-Tab list, such that you can never remember which is which. Ok, so the miracle software is Console, it was written by a fellow called Marko Bozikovic. Thanks Marko!
Ok, so this is not the whole thing, of course, because then you need a command line ssh client. The whole thing was that I kept waiting for putty to become multitab, no? So there is a command line interface to putty, called plink. I have thrown both of them in a directory in the path, and then I can type plink in the Console. Rather cool.