A modest proposal to change the notation of Boolean algebra

It is always fun to explain people what “and” and “or” mean in Boolean algebra. Of how cool it is that they don’t mean the same thing as in English. Trying to pretend that while their meaning in English is unclear (it is not), in Boolean algebra they are well defined. Trying to imply that the world would be a better place, if only people would use “and” and “or” in their daily life in the Boolean algebra semantics.

Well, ok. Maybe we can make a proposal of changing English to suit Boolean algebra. Or, maybe here is a more modest proposal: let us change the Boolean algebra notation to match the English better:

A or B ---> A and/or B
A and B ---> both A and B
A xor B ---> A or B
A -> B ---> if A then surely B, (but it can also be B if not A)